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We offer a wide range of services from dry cleaning, laundry, or customized alterations. We do 100% of our own dry cleaning.

Same day service available for dry cleaning and laundry (in by 9am out by 5pm) excluding Saturdays.

How It Works

Dry Cleaning We do 100% of our own cleaning and laundering. All cleaning and pressing is done with a double check spot cleaning system.
Shirt Laundry All shirts are cleaned in the state of the art industrial cleaning machine to leave a brilliant shine.
Wedding Gowns No more wondering if it's your gown in the box. All gowns are cleaned and preserved on the premise meaning the consumer can see, approve, and watch the gown being preserved.
Leather and Suedes All leather and suede's are sent out to a professional leather and suede cleaner.
Comforters and Bedspreads All spreads and comforters go through a delicate dry cleaning process and laundry on the professional cleaner's discrepancy.
Alterations and Repairs One of the most popular services offered. Customers can come in get measured and have quality alterations done at affordable prices guaranteed.
Laundry by Weight Can't find time to do laundry? Laundry cleaning is also available.
Linens and Tablecloths Can be cleaned by laundry or dry cleaning according to manufacturer's recommendations.
Drapery We offer professional cleaning of all drapes and curtains.
Rugs Can be cleaned on-site or outsourced depending on the size of rug.