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Shirts & Suits

A lot can be said about a man on how he wears his suit, let us help elevate your look

Dry Cleaning

Get your clothes professionally dry cleaned and never let a stain ruin a moment again

Dresses & Gowns

You deserve to feel the way you look and that is beautifully astounding


Take care of the place where you spend a good chunk of your life


Don’t let something that doesn’t fit stop you from buying it, let us tailor it for you


We believe that giving back to our community is important and look for opportunities to do so

Look good for every occasion

Clothes rarely fit perfectly off the rack and your favorite pair of jeans just don’t fit right anymore. Whatever the reason, having your clothes altered to your perfect size goes a long way

Expert Tailoring

We take absolute pride in our work and make sure that every garment we touch leaves the store better than it came in. Don’t leave your clothes to chance anywhere else, just ask our customers and see what they say. They love us!

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Customer reviews

I can not say enough about the great service you receive. All items given to be cleaned are done on time and done well. Their tayloring service is reasonable and again they make sure you are 100% satisfied. They treat everyone like family
Beth A.
My wife and I have 2 dry cleaners across the street from where we live, however, we travel almost 20 mins to do business here. They're clean, very knowledgeable, personable and detailed. Highly recommend.
Harold H.
We visit Concordville Cleaners each week with items to be cleaned and receive excellent service. The staff is friendly and if there is a problem we will get a call from one of the staff. We have had alterations done there also with great results.
Kathy K.
(610) 358-3076

301 Byers Dr Suite #1, Glen Mills, PA, 19342